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Cross Country Ski Waxing and Base Prep

Nordic UltraTune Newsletter Out!

10/31/2007 - By Mark Waechter

In this issue: Preparing for Altitude, Picking Mashus Skate Skis, dhesion: A description of Ski Drag in Wet Conditions, and Choosing Grinds / New Grinds,

Waxing for Cold Temps and Abrasive Conditions

10/25/2007 - By Ian Harvey

Here's some tips on when to use Toko LF Blue, Xcold, and JetStream Moly when the temperatures drop...,

Two Ways to Apply HelX

10/2/2007 - By Ian Harvey

There are two ways to apply Toko HelX. One way is used when time is limited or the application is done outdoors; the other is used for indoor application.,

When Roto Corking is Faster than Ironing

9/27/2007 - By Ian Harvey

In powder or non-transformed conditions, a rotocork applied fluorocarbon ski is faster than an ironed-on fluorocarbon ski.,

Toko Tech Manual 07/08 Available

9/26/2007 - By Mike Muha

The Toko Tech Manual has been updated! The Toko Tech Manual is written in a clear manner and includes what waxes and techniques to use, why, and when. It also gives a great overview of principles of ski preparation.,

Forget Putting Summer Wax on those Bases

5/22/2007 - By Mike Muha

OK, not really, In fact, I'm on my to my basement to work on my skis right now. But if you have a bases that don't hold wax or are not flat, why not send them off for a base grinding and waxing well before you need them this coming winter?,
Why We Race with Vauhti Waxes
Why We Race with Vauhti Waxes

Why We Race with Vauhti Waxes

3/14/2007 - By Rick Weier

When we returned from our trip we knew it was time to make some sense out of our wax box. If we were going to drive or fly all over the countryside to attend ski races, it just made sense to make an effort to have the right wax when we got there.,

Easy To Apply Swix Liquid Waxes for Fast Skis

3/7/2007 - By Pete Edwards

Don’t toss out your wax iron and wax bench yet, but liquid waxes have proven successful on the World Cup and on recreational no-wax bases.,

Swix FC1 Gldie Wax

2/18/2007 - By Swix Racing

I would like to add a High Fluoro wax to my box and am looking at Swix FC1. This seems like a good wax to start with due to its large temperature range. In what conditions and over what waxes does FC1 work the best?,

Swix MB77 Wax: Racing Service Report

2/11/2007 - By Swix Racing

MB77 has great dirt repelling capabilities due to BD and flouro, and the BD also works as a lubricant in dryer conditions.,

Swix Waxes: Use Air or Snow Temperature?

2/10/2007 - By Swix Racing

Is the temperature range listed on Swix wax air or snow temperature? If it is air temperature, how do you take into account for wind chill?,

Kick for the Long Haul

2/4/2007 - By Swix Racing

In some hard wax conditions, you want to use a klister binder instead of a normal binder wax. Here's why.,

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Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

SOLDA Ski Wax Maestro

Toko Wax Coach

Toko Wax Coach