Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Thu, Feb 22: Valley Spur (Munising)

Two feet of snow in the woods, looks like a base of about 15 inches, groomed to perfection, fast tracks, sun, not too hot, not too cold. Blue extra was pretty effective, did about 12 miles, giggling almost the whole way.

- Allen Sorgenfrei

Thu, Feb 22: Lake Ann Pathway (Interlochen)

Lake Ann was too rough from boot imprints for skiing, but good crusty, not hardpacked, snow & plenty of coverage, 4-6". I'm hopeful it could be skiable if we get a few inches of snow. In the meantime, a hiking we will go, up & down the hills, along the river & lakes, with Kathy Cook-Dowd & Winnie! We hiked clockwise, and only one tree down near the road, which I will ask to get cleared. It's on a downhill but visible at the crest.

- Sara Cockrell

Thu, Feb 22: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)

This is what is happening at Stokely today Thursday Feb. 22, It is sunny with temps in the mid twenties. We have 3 days in the next 5 days with the forecast calling for snow. Our base is over a foot and our new Bombardie 400+ is doing the job that skiers are looking for. This two ton machine has a powerful tiller that makes a 15 foot trail which includes classic tracks and a 12 foot skating lane. Because of this new machine, 95% of our trails are both classic and skate. Want to end the winter on great snow, come on up.

- Susan and Gaylen and our Stokely Family of 28 staff

Thu, Feb 22: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Kathy is out on the trails and scratching up the skate lanes which are in good shape with only a couple bare spots to detour around. There is a solid 4-6 inch base on 90% of the trails that should hold up through the weekend and hopefully longer. Hills recommended for advanced skiers as they may be icy in a few places.
Track set is non existent at this time and but the skate lanes are fast and smooth.
We will continue to groom daily as long as the temps get to freezing at night.
Trail debris continues to surface in the pine sections of the trail and rock skis are advised.

- Greg

Thu, Feb 22: Boyne Mountain (Boyne Falls)

Trails are open but quite firm and icy. Conditions should improve as the temperatures climb throughout the day.

Store-wide sale is still in effect, 30% off of everything. Come on in and stock up on gear before it is all gone!

- Boyne Mountain Cross Country Center

Thu, Feb 22: Shanty Creek - Schuss Mtn (Bellaire)

Skied Pine Cone last night - very hard and icy in a number of spots. 100% coverage but be careful. The rest of the system is very spotty and icy.
This is the time of year that the King of the Hill trail comes in handy - 100% snowmaking and groomed every night - give it a try.

- Peter Bigford

Thu, Feb 22: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

It remained cold throughout the day yesterday and last night, which gave the remaining snow on the trails a chance to harden up. The John Deere Trail is still completely intact with full coverage, and the trail surface is 75% hard, crusty snow, with intermittent boiler plate ice. Groomer Mike will take the pre-seeder out there today to grind up the ice and add fresh snow from our stockpile where needed. Conditions will get softer and more skiable as the day goes on; we recommend waiting until this afternoon to try skating or classic skiing. It would be a good day to try some metal edged skis! We plan to have at least the 2.5km John Deere Loop open for skiing this weekend.

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- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Fran, Matt, Kelsey, Alex, Dodge, Kim, Missy, Annie J., Annie B., Denny, Erin, Mike, Dana, Butch, Brian and the crew