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Cross Country Ski Waxing and Base Prep

Kick for the Long Haul

2/4/2007 - By Swix Racing

In some hard wax conditions, you want to use a klister binder instead of a normal binder wax. Here's why.,

Thoughts of Proper Wax Iron Temperature

1/18/2007 - By Zachary Caldwell

Everybody understands the importance of good thermostatic control. But why spend hundreds of dollars on a digital iron? Most people figure that its to avoid burning your bases, and that is certainly a major consideration. But there's more.,

Swix V50L Violet Liquid Kick Wax

12/25/2006 - By Nick Mahood, SWIX Racing Service

Application of the Liquid kick is fast and easy. Starting with a clean kick zone, I lightly sanded and then sprayed on the wax in two thin strips on either side of the groove. Done in 30 seconds! ,
Use Masking Tape to Protect Your Kick Zone
Use Masking Tape to Protect Your Kick Zone

Use Masking Tape to Protect Your Kick Zone

12/19/2006 - By Mike Muha

Here's an easy way top keep glide wax from getting in your classic ski's kick zone when you're glide waxing: use masking tape to cover the kick zone.,

Just Say NO! to Wax Remover

12/14/2006 - By Mike Muha

Using wax remover on your skis is generally not the optimal method for cleaning your skis. It's not that waxing solvents are necessarily bad for the base material, it really has to do with how it impacts your ski's performance.,

How to put on Kick Wax

12/10/2006 - By Phil White, SWIX Colorado Racing Service

Putting on kick wax can be simple and easy, if you have the technique down. Once you’ve chosen the wax du jour (Norwegian for “what to put on today”), you need to apply it correctly.,

Regarding Mark Waechter’s Remarks in 'Dissecting Kuzmin'

11/29/2006 - By Leonid Kuzmin

Leonid Kuzmin has been a the center of a controversy regarding the structuring and waxing xc skis. Here, he responds to an article written by Mark Waechter or Nordic Ultratune.,

Ironing: What to Buy, How to Use, When to Iron

11/25/2006 - By Phil White, SWIX Colorado Racing Service

When you use the iron, go from tip to tail in one continuous motion. Don’t stop in the middle to adjust your iPod, just keep moving.,

Selecting the Right Kick Wax

11/22/2006 - By Swix

Ski far enough to give the wax a chance to become "conditioned" by the snow. Usually during the first hundred meters or so the wax might feel a bit slippery, which is normal.,

Part Two: Structure & the use of the Swix T401 & T405 Imprint Tools

11/21/2006 - By Kevin Sweeney

After classifying different structures, Kevin gives some practical guidelines when setting structure with hand held tools.,

Pimp My Hot Box!
Pimp My Hot Box!

Pimp My Hot Box!

11/17/2006 - By Ken Roth

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of the latest iteration of my hot box.,

Toko: Strengths and Weaknesses of 4 Kinds of Brushes

11/15/2006 - By Toko

Here's a 2005 season Toko tech bulletin on how and when to use which Toko brush. Compare with the Swix recommendations in the adjoining article!,

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Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

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Toko Wax Coach

Toko Wax Coach