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Toko HelX Spray Bargains

Thu, Nov  6, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Heads up. Dick Fultz at the Cross Country Ski Shop in Grayling, MI, has last year's Toko HelX spray on sale for $79.00. From the shop's web site:

The temperature recommendations given here are realistic ranges for nordic skis.
Use HelX Warm when there is moisture in the snow and you can make a snowball or for classic style when the tracks are glazed from skier use.
Use HelX Cold when you can not easily form a snowball.
This is the '07-08' version. We bought a bunch at closeout prices and are passing the savings onto you. This HelX was great last season and will be great this season too!

HelX Warm.........22F to 32F
HelX Cold...........14F to 28F

HelX is a 100% Fluorocarbon spray on and polish glide wax. Here are five reasons to use Helx.
1. It's as fast as any other 100% Fluoro glide wax - if not faster.
2. It's very easy and quick to apply.
3. No ironing. No burnt bases.
4. Lower cost per application.
5. It will last 50 to 100 Km per wax job.
Get this stuff or be left in the Fluoro dust!

Your Price: $119.00 $79.00

Rumors (and that's what they are, rumors - no facts) are that last year's HelX may be more durable than the new Blue, Red, Yellow HelX.

Seems like a good deal to me!