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Toko JetStream and HelX in Blue, Red, Yellow

Mon, Nov  3, 2008 - By Toko

Toko has introduced three new sets of top-coat races waxes for the 2008-2009 cross country ski season. JetStream Bloc, JetStream Powder, and HelX now come in Blue, Red and Yellow formulations.

Toko JetStream Bloc

The waxes are applied just like previous versions:

  • Apply JetStream Bloc with a Rotocork or an iron
  • Apply JetStream Powder with an iron
  • Apply HelX by spraying and letting dry or by spraying and Rotocorking lightly

Toko JetStream Powder

Each of the new waxes should be paired with a high fluorocarbon undercoat. Use Blue JetStream or HelX over HF Blue, Red over HF Red, and Yellow over HF Yellow.

Red has the widest range of uses.

These waxes were used by Lukas Bauer to win the 2007-2008 Tour de Ski and overall World Cup.

Toko HelX

Find all the high-end Toko waxes at the Cross Country Ski Shop in Grayling, MI.