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Cross Country Ski Waxing and Base Prep

The Five Swix Brushes in My Wax Box

11/15/2006 - By Nick Mahood, Swix Eastern Racing Service

Knowing which brush to use when can be confusing and sometimes, and sometimes controversial. I have five brushes in my wax box.,

Try Swix F4 for a Quick Wax job

11/13/2006 - By Phil White, Colorado Racing Service

In the real world, you don't always have time to iron in glide wax, scrape and brush. So how do you keep your bases from drying out?,

Structure & the use of the Swix T401 & T405 Imprint Tools

11/11/2006 - By Kevin Sweeney, National Nordic Racing Director

The following is our latest and most up to date information on base structure and the use of our world renowned imprint tools, the new T405 and the industry benchmark, the T401.,

Use CH4 for Dry, Cold Snow

11/4/2006 - By Phil White SWIX Colorado Racing Service

First, I make sure my skis have plenty of soft wax in the bases. I will iron in several layers of Base Prep Nordic (BP99), then scrape and brush.,

November 2006 Nordic Ultratune Update

10/31/2006 - By Mark Waechter

Mark dissects Kuzmin's thesis that unstructured and unwaxed skis are faster than structured and waxed skis, plus the usual articles on skiing and taking care of your bases!,

The Science behind Swix BD Waxes

10/31/2006 - By Lars Karlof and Leif Torgersen Axell

What are BD waxes and when do you use them? The following article adapted from a paper written by the two top Swix Chemists in Norway should help to answer some of those questions.,

How to Use Swix FC8L and FC10L Liquid Cera

10/28/2006 - By Swix Racing

There are three ways to apply Cera FC8L and FC10L Liquid wax: Hand-corking, roto-corking, and ironing. Here's when to use each method.,

Easy Grip Paper Strip Wax at Opet Spar

3/14/2006 - By Howard Feit

The day before the Opet Spar cross country ski race, thousands of skiers drop off their skis at the Intersport shop in Mora where wax reps will wax your skis. I had them use the new Rex Easy Grip Paper Strip Wax.,

The Ski Bro
The Ski Bro

The Ski Bro

1/25/2006 - By Tim Feldkamp

Team NordicSkiRacer introduces the Ski Bro, an easy to use classic ski covering to keep kick wax off your ski bag and hands during transport. The Ski Bro is made from an ordinary plastic grocery bag. If you use klister, you'll want your own Ski Bro!,

Hotbox vs. Iron Shootout!

12/14/2005 - By Mike Muha

What the advantage of hotboxing your skis over ironing wax into the bases? What's the advantage of ironing over hotboxing? Find out!,

Build Your Own Hot Box
Build Your Own Hot Box

Build Your Own Hot Box

12/10/2005 - By Rob Blazoff

Here's the story of how I built a wall-mount wax box based on instructions provide by Nat Brown, former owner of Nordic Ultratune. I can probably put 6 pairs of skis in the box at one time.,

New Swix Racing Service and US Web Site
New Swix Racing Service and US Web Site

New Swix Racing Service and US Web Site

12/4/2005 - By Mike Muha

Swix develops racing service team to support major Nordic events in the US and launches a Swix Racing USA web site that will post wax reports, recommendations, and racing service notes.,

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Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

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Toko Wax Coach