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Quick Waxing Tips

Fast Wax Tip

Tue, Jan  29, 2008 - By Dan Meyer

Here are a few tips that will make your waxing and skiing better.

Keep both the metal and plastic scrapers sharp.

Use a diamond stone on the metal scraper. Hold the scraper at a 90 degree angle and rotate in a figure eight pattern. Sharpen the plastic scraper with the Fast Wax Eversharp Scraper Sharpener. It will keep your scraper perfectly flat as it sharpens the edge.

Select waxes by snow conditions.

Many times with large air temperature swings, the snow will remain constant or lag significantly behind the air temperature, especially in wooded areas. If possible, always test your skis on the trail not in the stadium.

Plan for abrasive snow.

Cold, clear or windy conditions or cold new snow; anticipate abrasive snow and wax for colder than expected temperatures.

Plan for colder conditions.

Low areas, woods, generally shaded areas; wax for colder than expected temperatures.

Warm nights, new snow

Expect moist snow and use structure and fluorinated waxes. In addition, overcast conditions are generally humid, and fluorinated waxes typically work best.

FastWax cross country ski racing wax

Take the guesswork out of selecting the optimal wax of the day: Use the FastWax WaxMaster!