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SOLDA Fluoro Powders

Wed, Dec  17, 2008 - By Bert Hinkley

SOLDA Fluoro PowdersThe most sought after waxes by the coaches and high level racers are the Fluoro Powders, HP04, HP05 and HP06. The HP05 has been used by National teams in nordic and alpine wax rooms for years. It is a fluroro powder that stretches to a wide range far beyond the temperatures listed on the label.

In the past, SOLDA has continued to experiment with the basic HP05 and has learned how to stretch it even further to the warm side and developed HP04. Last year they stretched it into a colder range and came up with experimental HP06. It is designed for COLD conditions, snow temps from 14 F down to -4 F and humidity levels between 40% and 100%. I used it last year at the Boulder Mountain Tour in Sun Valley, Idaho. Even in those super cold/dry conditions it was amazingly fast. I also like the label that tells users not to smoke it or use naked flames. (And I always thought Italians liked that stuff.) All the fluoro powders are not for sissies.

A very hot iron must be used to be the fluorocarbons to bond with the base of the ski and if the waxer is not very careful the ski bases can be damaged. SOLDA recommends an iron temperature of 265-285 F (130-140 C). If you are not sure about application you could give me a call at the shop for advice.

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