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Rollerski Reviews


Rollerski Reviews

F1 Skating
Team Carbon ARM Classic

Universal Brake
V2 XL100R Skate
V2 100SR Skate
V2 Aero 125 Skate
V2 Aero 150 Skate

Speed Skate

610 Skate

C2 Classic
C2 Flex Classic
S2 Skating
S3 Skating
S5e Skating

T6002 Skate

Ski Skett
Shark Skate
Nord CL Classic
Nord TB Combi

Elpex Rollerskis

Elpex Team Carbon A.R.M. Classic Rollerski

July 4, 2007 - By Tom McCarthy

Elpex Team Carbon skate roller ski The Team Carbon A.R.M. is a classic rollerski. It is manufactured using some kind of high-quality carbon composite frame. The entire frame, including the wheelwells and rain guards, is a one-piece carbon construct.

Elpex F1 Skating Rollerski - Update

May 14, 2004 - By Brian Cook

Brian's review of the Eplex F1 rollerski ran on July 27, 2003. He's had a chance to ski on them a few months - Does he still like them?

Elpex F1 Skating Rollerski

July 27, 2003 - By Brian Cook

Elpex F1 skate roller skiI really love my F1s, and I think my form is better with the F1s than my previous skating rollerskis. Here's why I decide to buy the Elpex F1...
Jenex Rollerskis

Jenex replaces XL100R with XL98R rollerski

Mon, Apr 27, 2009 - by Len Johnson

Jenex V2 Aero 150 skate roller skiFor 2009 we have redesigned the V2-XL100R composite skate rollerski and call it the V2-XL98R, as it will only be supplied with the 98 mm tires.

V2 Aero 150's Fill Void for Now

Tue, Nov 13, 2007 - by Tim Jones

Jenex V2 Aero 150 skate roller skiRoller skis are nothing new. I'd tried it. Didn't like it. The tiny wheels on most roller skis didn't do very well on the rough roads of New England and northern New York. Then I tried some V2 Aeros.

Jenex Aero 100SR Skating Rollerski

Mon, Nov 28, 2005 - by Mike Muha

Jenex V2 Aero 100SR skate roller skiThis is a nice rollerski for folks who want a little more stability than found on the skinnier 22mm wide rollerskis, and who train mainly on smooth pavement.

The New Jenex Universal Rollerski Brake

October 19, 2004 - By James Mannion

Jenex Universal roller ski brakeWhen I saw the new brake I was intrigued. It did look to be a bit of a Rube Goldberg contraption on the website. Marty Hall gave it the OK on Jenex's website, so I decided to give it a try. 

Head-to Head: The Aero 125 vs. Aero 150

October 16, 2004 - By Mike Muha

Jenex V2 Aero 125 skate roller ski If you weigh less than 165, don't mind pumping up the wheels every time you ski, want wheels that roll over just about anything, but don't need to ski on dirt roads, the 125 is a fine choice.

Has Jenex Fixed the Aero 125 Rollerski Wheel Failure Problem?

September 15, 2003 - By Mike Muha

Jenex V2 Aero 125 skate roller ski To prevent tire and tube failures, Jenex recommends pumping the tires up every time you ski, that the pressure must be 85 PSI, and that you not weigh more than 165 lbs.

Jenex Aero 125 S Skating Rollerski

September 15, 2003 - By Jim Hull

The 125's rough trail ability, low tire cost, and effective speed reducers are a winning combination.

800 Miles Later: A V2 Aero 150S Update

December 18, 2002 - By Mike Muha

I recently had to replace one of my V2 Aero 150S wheels. Using a conservative estimate, that's over 800 miles or 1,300 kilometers. What implications does this have for the total cost of ownership for a V2 Aero?

The Perfect Rollerski? The V2 Aero 150S

July 22, 2002 - by Mike Muha

Over the years, I've owned at least seven pairs of rollerskis of various makes and models, and I've tried numerous others. The V2 Aero skating rollerski from Jenex comes closest to my idea of the perfect skating-only rollerski.

V2 Aero Rollerski Buzz

Dec 6, 2001 - By Mike Muha

There's quite a buzz about the Jenex V2 Aero rollerski. I haven't had an opportunity to ski a pair yet, but I have seen them used and talked to people who own them. Here's some background and a couple stories.
Maplus Rollerskis

Maplus Speed skate rollerski: Fast

Wed, Nov 19, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Maplus Speed skate rollerskiThe Maplus Speed skate rollerski is fast and fun on the open pavement. Using an 83mm by 27mm wheel - smaller and wider than many skate rollerskis these days, the Speed flys!
Marwe Rollerskis

The Marwe 610 Skate Rollerski

Thu, Jul 14, 2005 - By Jim Howe

Marwe 610 skate roller skiI have had my Marwe 610 rollerskis for about 3 weeks and I have skied about 150kms. I have found these freestyle rollerskis simulate the real thing better than other rollerskis I have used.
Pursuit Rollerskis

The Pursuit T6002 Skate Rollerski

Tue, Oct 3, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Pursuit T6002 skate roller ski The model I tested, the Pursuit T6002 skate rollerski, had a snow-like feel and were exceptionally controllable.
Pro-Ski Rollerskis

Pro-Ski C2 Flex: Classic rollerski with tunable suspension

June 2, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski C2 Flex Classic RollerskiThe C2 Flex are a great classic rollerski that provide provide a unique feature: you can easily tune your ride. These should definitely be on your short list if you have rough pavement.

Pro-Ski C2 Classic Rollerski

June 23, 2009 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski C2 classic roller skiI like the Pro-Ski C2 Classic Rollerski. It's better over the bumps than my current rollerskis, has much better rain fenders, feels more stable, and allegedly has better wheel durability. They could be a little lighter, but they'll do.

Pro-Ski S2 Skating Rollerski: Zoom Zoom!

June 22, 2009 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski S2 skate roller skiIf you have smooth pavement, like to go fast, or struggle with your V2 and V2-alternate, this is the ski for you! The durable polyurethane wheels should keep to long term cost of ownership to a minimum.

Pro-Ski S5e Skate Rollerski Great Addition to Pro-Ski Line

Tue, Dec 19, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski S5e skate roller ski The S5e is the latest iteration of Pro-Ski's 100mm diameter-wheeled skate rollerski. Many of you have read my very positive review and year later follow-up of the Pro-Ski S3, so getting a chance to compare them to the newer model was a treat.


The Pro-Ski S3, One Year Later

June 20, 2004 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski S3 skate roller ski I was skiing at Forbush Corner on nicely groomed skating trails early last winter and thought to myself, "This feels just like rollerskiing on my S3's!"

Pro-Ski S3 & Jenex Aero 150S Shootout

July 20, 2003 - By Mike Muha

Pro-Ski S3 skate roller skiBecause the Pro-Ski S3 is a little slower than the Jenex Aero 150S but offers better stability, almost equal ability to roll over obstacles on paved trails, fenders, and some speed control on downhills via snowplowing, the S3 very closely matches what I look for in a rollerski. And they're really fun to ski on!
Ski Skett Rollerskis

A Trio of Ski Skett Classic Rollerskis:
The Nord CL, Nord TD, and the EL

September 1, 2005 - By Ben Arians

Ski Skett Nord CL roller skiI have used a lot of classic rollerskis, and over the last several years have found that the Ski Skett Nord classic models are light, flexible, come in a variety of wheel speeds/durometers, and handle incredibly well.

Ski Skett Shark Skate Rollerski

August 14, 2004 - By Mike Muha

Ski Skett Shark skate roller ski The Shark rolls nicely, handles the bumps, tracks well, and has a ski-like speed. Snowplowing is passable. I particularly like the lightness of these skis! Overall, the Shark is a great alternative for people skiing on smooth to medium-rough pavement.