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Rollerski Review
Elpex F1 Skating Rollerski - Update
May 14, 2004 - By Brian Cook


[Brian's review of the Eplex F1 rollerski ran on July 27, 2003. He's had a chance to ski on them a few months - Does he still like them? - Mike Muha] 

My F1s? I still really love them! They are really great. Wet pavement is not a problem, but wet leaves and the painted lines are to be avoided - that is if you prefer not to see your own blood. For me, wet leaves are my biggest problem. Wet lines are a problem, but less so since I only roller-ski on trails/roads that are closed to cars.

Since I need new wheels on my F1s, I went out on my Jenex V2 850. Wow, they are really different. The fat wheel of the 850s are much more comfortable, but a lot less 'responsive'. They seem sluggish (wrong wax), whereas the F1s are a lot more 'springy' (correct wax). Needless to say, the 850s are wider and thus balance and weight shift was 'easier'.

I think I have now determined a new training regimen. If I want to V1 or V1-Alternate (and thus concentrate on a lower-body workout), then the F1s are my choice (compared to the 850s). The leg extension on the F1s is so much better. If I want to work exclusively on V2, then the 850s are my choice. The balance and slow speed of the 850s are perfect for a great V2 workout. V1 or V1-Alternate on the 850s is cumbersome and awkward, IMHO (compared to the F1s).

If I had to recommend one set of roller-skis, then I would still choose the F1s.

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