Michigan: Northern Lower Peninsula

North of West Branch; includes Traverse City, Grayling, Gaylord, Tawas

Tue, Dec 6: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Grayling Received 2 inches of snow overnight making for a beautiful white backdrop. We will not be running grooming equipment as snow is looking to be temporary with temperatures expected to be in the mid/high 30s today.

Season Passes are on Sale, you may purchase online at: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/Grayling/HansonHillsSeasonPasses

- Justin Andre

Sun, Dec 4: Lakes of the North (Mancelona)

About two inches on the course, there were some skate and classic tracks around, so someone had been out there. Some blowing snow, but coverage was good on the greenways and even in the thicker grass. Needs a few more inches to make much of a trail yet.

- Allen Sorgenfrei

Sun, Dec 4: Interlochen Golf Course (Interlochen)

Great sunny ski at IGC after Paula texted me they were there & had good glide. I had planned to hike with a group but prefer XC skiing this time of year. There wasn’t much snow but frozen grass underneath, so hoping for more soon. Let it snow!

- Sara

Sun, Dec 4: Bay Meadows GC (Traverse City)

Beautiful sunny day, tried to talk Karen into skiing with our Evo's. She didn't think conditions would be very good even though I told her yesterday was great. She relented and was surprised how good it was. With the no wax classic Evo's we could ski everywhere without hitting any grass or dirt. Again, just the right combination of snow and cold temps with frozen ground. Cliff was there again skating and he liked it better than even yesterday.

- Ken Dawson

Sat, Dec 3: Bay Meadows GC (Traverse City)

Nice to be able to post a ski report. I usually will ski on very marginal snow and Karen said I even skied on frost down state. This morning with hardly an inch of snow even I thought better of trying to ski. That was before Cliff Onthank sent me a text saying the fairways at Bay Meadows was good. So I went over and sure enough Cliff skied in a loop around the first fairway that after several passes, looked like it was groomed by PB100. Skating was very good even if it was a short loop. Just the right combination of snow freezing temps to make it possible. Felt good to ski again.

- Ken Dawson

Thu, Dec 1: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

We are not going to be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Only received maybe an inch or two of fluffy lake effect following the rain. Just don't have enough depth and width to groom up. Going to concentrate on making snow when the temperature cooperates so that we can get open next weekend.

- Mike

Thu, Dec 1: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Trails are bare from the late November melt. Cold Weather and snow in the forecast, we will groom once we have enough snow to safely run our equipment. However, if you stop in, season passes are available!! New "hard cards" this season, we have retired the laminator!!!

You may also buy season passes online: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/Grayling/HansonHillsSeasonPasses

- Justin Andre

Wed, Nov 30: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Wednesday November 30th- Larry was able to connect the dots of snow piles on the loop. It’s is thin and narrow in spots and a little dirtier than we like. We are getting some nice lake effect which will help greatly with the trouble spots. We will evaluate in the morning and give another update, but it looks promising to be open on Friday.

- Forbush Corner

Wed, Nov 30: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Friday November 25, 2022- We had such high hopes to be open this Thanksgiving weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans. The warmer than predicted weather this week has impacted our ability to get the snow pushed around our manmade loop and it has melted most of our natural snow. Temperatures on Saturday are expected to be at least 50 with full sunshine and wind and Sunday is calling for rain and snow. Hopefully we can be open soon. We will update again next week once we see what Mother Nature is going to do.

- Ann Wagar

Wed, Nov 30: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)

The cross-country trails are currently closed until we receive more natural snow.

- Nubs Nob