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Glide Waxing for Man-Made Snow

Fast Wax Tip

Mon, Dec  24, 2007 - By Dan Meyer

Artificial or man-made snow is a combination of snow, dirt and oil. Man-made snow is a hard particle of ice, not a hollow flake of snow. For this reason, wax recommendations will change slightly from those for natural snow.

Man-made snow can also vary wildly because of the volume traffic on the trail and the grooming and tilling of the snow.

General Recommendations:

  • On man-made snow, ski flex can be a major factor. Try to keep a medium and stiff skis on hand and use more structure than normal.

  • In temperatures below freezing, wax a littler harder with more structure and a stiffer ski.

  • In temperatures above freezing, wax cooler with a larger structure. Man-made snow holds more moisture in cooler temperatures, however, it does not mush out as easily in warm temperatures and the base under the man-made snow is generally ICE.

  • Ski Maintenance: Wax MORE often. Man-made snow is abrasive and will wear wax faster than snow. If you do not wax your skis, man-made snow will eat up your bases.

Recommendations for cold dry wind from the north when temperatures are:

  • Single digits, HS-0 White – Universal grind, stiff ski.
  • Teens to low 20’s, HSF-10 Green – Universal grind, stiff to medium flexed ski.
  • Upper 20’s, HSF-20 Tan – Universal structure, stiff to medium flex skis.
  • Upper 20’s, HSF-30 Salmon – Universal structure with a light rill, still to medium flex ski.

Recommendations for wind from the south, warm and humid, when temperatures are:

  • Upper teens-low 20’s, HSF-20 Tan – Universal grind, stiff to medium flexed ski
  • Upper 20’s to low 30’s, HSF 30 Salmon – Universal structure with a rill, still to medium flex ski
  • At or above freezing, HSF-30 Salmon – Rill or wet grind, stiff ski

Keep in mind as we make recommendations for man-made snow, the 80 – 20 rule applies: the rule is good 80% of the time.

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