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Base Structuring for a Single Pair of Skis

Fast Wax Tip

Wed, Jan  2, 2008 - By Dan Meyer

If you have one pair of skis, changing the base structure will be a regular occurrence as snow type, temperature and conditions change.

  1. Polish the base for cold conditions and be sure to keep the ski surface very smooth.

  2. For intermediate conditions, 15 to 25 F, brush the base with a fine metal brush.

  3. For conditions just below freezing use a medium metal brush if conditions are dry, rill if wet conditions.

  4. Above 35 F, begin with a fine rill and increase the size of the rill as the temperature increases. Apply structure in a discontinuous pattern.
If several pairs of skis are available, try to set up a pair of skis up for each condition. Here stone grinding will help. Use a fine grind for cold conditions and increase the size of the grind as the temperature warms.

The ski grinding technician should be able to maximize your skis performance by matching the proper stone grind, with the ski flex, for the snow conditions. For more information on stonegrinding options, see next weeks FastWax Tip.

If you plan on having your skis stone ground, be sure seek out a shop that specializes in stone grinding.


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