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Cross Country Ski Trail News

TART Invites you to become a Trail Ambassador

9/20/2007 - By Missy Luyk

Have you seen any Trail Ambassadors wearing green t-shirts on the trails this summer? Not sure what an Ambassador is?,

ABR Trails Fails to Pull Permits

9/18/2007 - By Margaret Levra

The Ironwood Daily Globe reports that ABR Trails failed to get permits before building a boardwalk through wetlands, a bridge over Whiskers Creek, and a ditch and draining of some wetlands to the Montreal River.,

Matching Challenge Grant Awarded to American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation

9/14/2007 - By Leslie Hamp

John and Leslie Taylor and family, Madison, Wis., issued a matching challenge to the ABSF specifying that they will match donations collected by the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, dollar for dollar, up to $65,000 over a 30-day period.,

Leelanau Trail now debt Free

9/13/2007 - By TART Trails

After twelve years, the Leelanau Trail property is now owned free and clear by the TART organization. The 15-mile, 185 acre linear property in Leelanau County is now preserved for future generations.,

Marquette Fit Strip Will Be Groomed Again!

9/12/2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The Marquette Parks & Recreation Commission has approved and made a recommendation to the Marquette City Commission that they support the NTN’s desire to take over the Fit Strip Corridor.,

Avoid South Marquette Trail System

9/11/2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Attention Trail Users - There is now heavy logging taking place within the South Marquette Trail System throughout the Pioneer Loop.,

Valley Spur Joins the Noquemanon Trail Network

9/10/2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Due to a loss of funding through the US Forest Service, the Friends of Valley Spur have approached and been accepted to join the Noquemanon Trail Network! ,

US Nordic PT Aaron Saari Conquers Alaska's Denali
US Nordic PT Aaron Saari Conquers Alaska's Denali

US Nordic PT Aaron Saari Conquers Alaska's Denali

8/28/2007 - By US Ski Team

The former Michigan Cup skier summits Denali on his 32nd birthday: 'I had borrowed a pair of goggles from Bill Demong; an hour into it. Eventually, the wind, which was cutting through everything, blew the goggles off.',

Stokley Creek to Open this Winter

8/21/2007 - By Stokely Creek

Stokely Creek will be operational this year. We are happy to announce that the mechanics are in place that will ensure the operation of the lodge into the foreseeable future.,

Trail Manager/Chief Groomer Operator Needed

8/17/2007 - By Dave Mayo-Kiely

Swedetown Ski Trails and Calumet Township has an opening for a Trail Manager and Chief Groomer Operator. The employment period for this position is from mid-October through mid-April.,

TART Trails Seeks Nominations for Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award

8/16/2007 - By Lynn Geiger, TART Trails

Just a quick reminder that TART Trails is currently seeking nominations for the fourth annual Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award, open to anyone who has advocated for building, maintaining and using trails in the Grand Traverse area.,

The Awesome Dawson Vacation
The Awesome Dawson Vacation

The Awesome Dawson Vacation

8/14/2007 - By Ken Dawson

While most people enjoy the relaxation and ambiance of a Mediterranean cruise or the summer shopping mania at Mackinaw City, the Dawson vacation is always an adventure where fun is defined as fulfilling and rewarding.,

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