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Cross Country Ski Trail News

Need More Emotion on XC Ski TV

10/16/2007 - By FIS

FIS TV Workshop for Cross-Country Skiing tries to identify key concepts for optimizing TV production for the FIS World Cup Cross-Country as well as the Cross-Country part of the FIS World Cup Nordic Combined.,

Take Vasa Trail Survey

10/12/2007 - By Vasa Trail

Please take a minute and fill out the attached survey. Follow the instructions on the form to email the survey back as an attachment from word or fax it in.,

Biathletes answer roller-ski critics

10/12/2007 - By Tanya McLaren, Forres Gazette

Biathletes who use roads around the East Grange Loft for roller-skiing have responded to claims made by residents that they are training in an unsafe manner and causing a safety hazard.,

NTN to Groom Blueberry Ridge this Winter

10/11/2007 - By Susan Brian

To clarify the NTN/Michigan DNR relationship: First and foremost, the NTN IS grooming the Blueberry Ridge Pathway again this winter. We do have the contract again. ,

Tim Brick wins Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award

10/10/2007 - By Missy Luyk

Tim Brick has been a positive force in our area over the years by visioning trails that connect people to other communities, to nature, recreation, and transportation.,

Vasa Trail Run or Work Bee

10/9/2007 - By Jim Monroe

Want to help prepare the Vasa Trail for winter? Join the work bee! Would rather get some serious training in? Do the 10K/25K Run Vasa trail run!,
Skiable snow falls in West Yellowstone.
Skiable snow falls in West Yellowstone.

Skiable snow falls in West Yellowstone.

10/8/2007 - By Jamie Greene

The rumors are true: it's ski season in West Yellowstone! Four of us drove up to the plateau to take advantage of the snow that fell this week. We found snow depths up to six inches and had a great tour.,

Skiable Snow in West Yellowstone!?!?
Skiable Snow in West Yellowstone!?!?

Skiable Snow in West Yellowstone!?!?

10/3/2007 - By Jamie Greene

Doug Edgerton thinks there is enough snow on the plateau to ski (see the attached photos)...and we are looking at more moisture all week. There might be skiing in West well ahead of the Ski Festival!,

Big Bay Pathway Receives Donation

9/28/2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The Big Bay Pathway was recently awarded a $5000 grant from the Huron Mountain Club for its continued trail development.,
First Snow in West Yellowstone
First Snow in West Yellowstone

First Snow in West Yellowstone

9/26/2007 - By Jamie Greene

Snow has returned to West Yellowstone! Although it didn't stick very well in Town, the surrounding mountains are white again - strong evidence that the Yellowstone Ski Festival is only two months away!,

2nd Annual TART Trail Trek on the Boardman Lake Trail

9/22/2007 - By Missy Luyk

The second annual Ross Cogger Memorial TART Trail Trek takes place on October 7. The TART-sponsored event is a fundraiser for the expansion of the Boardman Lake Trail and starts at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 7 ,

 Havasu Falls Trekking Adventure
 Havasu Falls Trekking Adventure

Havasu Falls Trekking Adventure

9/21/2007 - By Doug Cornell

Rob led the way with the Jo, Alisa, and Carol following. It's hard to explain what happened next, but all I can say is that my over-developed bicycling muscles did not react positively to a continued downhill trek.,

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