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Vermont's 300-Mile Catamount Trail now Complete

Tue, Nov  13, 2007 - By Catamount Trail

Staff and volunteers from the Catamount Trail Association finished the remaining 4.5 miles of new trail near the town of Winhall to complete the 300-mile long Catamount Ski Trail. It's now possible to ski from the Massachusetts to Canada through Vermont.

Catamount Ski Trail

The trail is divided into 31 sections, each with it's own volunteer trail chief. It crosses both private and public land, and is designed for winter use. Skiers and snowshoers are allowed on the trail. Snowshoers are requested to keep to one side of the trail, allowing the other side the trail for ski travel. This is especially important on hills where folks skiing downhill need the widest possible amount of untracked trail in which to make turns, slow down, or stop.

The trail follows remote wilderness routes, groomed cross-country ski trails, snowmobile trails, and old logging roads. The Catamount Trail is characterized by great diversity – both in terms of the difficulty of the route and the remoteness of the various sections.

There are many country inns and bed and breakfasts along or near the Trail, and primitive camping is allowed in designated areas.