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Cross Country Ski Trail News

Valley Spur Receives Noquemanon Trails Network support

11/2/2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The NTN is assisting the Friends of Valley Spur in signing a 10 year special use permit with the US Forest Service to manage the Valley Spur trail corridor. The Valley Spur trails were in danger of losing their funding through their Federal funding.,

Headquarters builds bigger hill
Headquarters builds bigger hill

Headquarters builds bigger hill

11/1/2007 - By Bob Frye

The enlargement of the West Hill will result in higher elevation and it will change the south face to an east face where the winter sun will not be as direct.,

Video of Individual and Team Sprint Finals in Duesseldorf

10/29/2007 - By Mike Muha

Here's a video of the Men's and Women's Individual and Team Sprint Final in Duesseldorf at the season's first World Cup Sprint race.,

Don't Cover Olympic-Class Cross Country Ski Terrain With Timeshares

10/23/2007 - By Kathryn Gray

The Reno-Tahoe Winter Games Coalition has been working to bring the 2018 Olympics to the Reno-Tahoe area. But Royal Gorge's development plan two artificial lakes, and tangles of roads, driveways, and parking lots. Ski on rubber mats across the roads?,

Video: Whiteface Mountain Rollerski Time Trial

10/17/2007 - By Andrew Gardner, Middlebury College

Video footage from the Whiteface Mountain rollerski time trial this past weekend.,

Stokely Creek reaches agreement with Astina

10/16/2007 - By Doug Pitt and Steve Holmes

Stokely Creek Lodge will be in full operation this winter and the partnership that we have formed with Astina represents a very positive and critical turning point in securing a long-term future for the Lodge AND conserving the ecological and silent sport,

Need More Emotion on XC Ski TV

10/16/2007 - By FIS

FIS TV Workshop for Cross-Country Skiing tries to identify key concepts for optimizing TV production for the FIS World Cup Cross-Country as well as the Cross-Country part of the FIS World Cup Nordic Combined.,

Take Vasa Trail Survey

10/12/2007 - By Vasa Trail

Please take a minute and fill out the attached survey. Follow the instructions on the form to email the survey back as an attachment from word or fax it in.,

Biathletes answer roller-ski critics

10/12/2007 - By Tanya McLaren, Forres Gazette

Biathletes who use roads around the East Grange Loft for roller-skiing have responded to claims made by residents that they are training in an unsafe manner and causing a safety hazard.,

NTN to Groom Blueberry Ridge this Winter

10/11/2007 - By Susan Brian

To clarify the NTN/Michigan DNR relationship: First and foremost, the NTN IS grooming the Blueberry Ridge Pathway again this winter. We do have the contract again. ,

Tim Brick wins Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award

10/10/2007 - By Missy Luyk

Tim Brick has been a positive force in our area over the years by visioning trails that connect people to other communities, to nature, recreation, and transportation.,

Vasa Trail Run or Work Bee

10/9/2007 - By Jim Monroe

Want to help prepare the Vasa Trail for winter? Join the work bee! Would rather get some serious training in? Do the 10K/25K Run Vasa trail run!,

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