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Swix FC1 Gldie Wax

Sun, Feb  18, 2007 - By Swix Racing


I would like to add a High Fluoro wax to my box and am looking at Swix FC1. This seems like a good wax to start with due to its large temperature range. In what conditions and over what waxes does FC1 work the best?


You ask a good question! FC1 is indeed a great wax, as it does work well over a broad range of temperatures and conditions.
Couple things to note:

1. FC1 has a super wide temp range, and due to it's flouro and BD lubricating content, it runs well in new snow, transformed snow, and dirty snow.

2. Flouros (FC1, FC7, FC8 etc) bond best to the HF line as a base wax. They bond okay to the LF line, however if ultimate durability is the choice (50km), then use HF. LF's plus FC1 are great for shorter distances: i.e.up to 20-30km.

3. Be sure to understand your application choices of FC1: hand cork, roto cork, or iron ....all depending on what durability you need, want.

4. View the "school of waxing " video for applications at

5. You can use any of the HF and HFBD waxes under FC1 based on temp and if snow is dirty (use HFBD) or not...go straight HF. With that said, here are some examples of combos we use a lot though there are certainly many more you can use...

  • HF4BD / FC1
  • HF6/ FC1
  • HF6BD/FC1
  • HF7BD/FC1
  • LF4/FC1
  • HF8/FC1
  • LF6/FC1