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Cross Country Ski Training News and Tips

CXC Team Hits the Porkies in the UP

10/2/2007 - By CXC Skiing

CXC Team trained a week in the Porcupine Mountains of Upper Peninsula, Michigan, and a week at home in Hayward in September.,

Another Block Down

10/1/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

Today marked the end of Kris’s 6th training block of the year. These are all roughly three week blocks followed by a week of recovery, although the exact number of days in each training and recovery block varies according to the specifics of the schedule.,

Jump Start Your Winter Nordic Kick-Off Camp
Jump Start Your Winter Nordic Kick-Off Camp

Jump Start Your Winter Nordic Kick-Off Camp

10/1/2007 - By CXC Skiing

The athletes and coaches of the Central Cross Country (CXC) Olympic Development Team would like to invite you to jump start your winter with a weekend of training and technique work, Oct 26-28, at scenic Rainbow Resort in Northwestern Minnesota.,

Feldjheim Clinic in Rockford Full

9/28/2007 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

The Sten & Jen Clinic Sponsored by GRNST, The Bicycle Shop of Grayling, The Cross Country Ski Headquarters and the The Cross Country Ski Shop is now is officially full. New entries will be wait-listed.,

Anatomy of a Focus Shift

9/27/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

In the past several posts I’ve made reference to a change in the focus of Kris’s training in the current block. As this block comes to an end (the last session is on Friday) we get an opportunity to make some quantitative comparisons.,

Pretty Good

9/25/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

Well, Kris is now the second-fastest guy on record up mt Moosilauke. Except that he’s not on-record. He’d have to show-up when Ruff and Cami are actually timing the event in order to go on-record. And that may be on the agenda for this Fall...,

Mixed Signals

9/24/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

Because we know from experience that heart rate suppression accompanies high training loads under a volume regime we have to acknowledge the possibility that Kris is feeling the stress of a high training load.

Free Get Your Nordic On clinics in Seely, WI

9/21/2007 - By CXC Skiing

The Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC Skiing) is pleased to announce three FREE Get Your Nordic On! clinics in the Hayward area. Join local CXC Team skiers Kristina Owen and Brian Gregg who will be leading the clinics.,

Still a Few Spots Left for Sten Fjeldheim Rollerski Clinic, Oct 6-7

9/19/2007 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

There are seven spots left open for the Sten Fieldheim Clinic on October 6 & 7 this year. The clinic headquarters will be in at Panod Ski Area just east of Rockford (near Grand Rapids).,
September Rollerskiing with Team NordicSkiRacer
September Rollerskiing with Team NordicSkiRacer

September Rollerskiing with Team NordicSkiRacer

9/18/2007 - By Mike Muha

Some photos of rollerskiing on a nice Saturday morning with Team,

Not Blazing Fast

9/18/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Kris has not been feeling too snappy of late. As he put it, ' I’ve been dragging ass all week, aside from Wednesday'.,

Changing Gears

9/17/2007 - By Zach Caldwell

This past week has been Kris’s first week of training with the focus firmly placed on intensity rather than volume. Having said that, there’s hasn’t been a particularly large amount of intensity this week - it’s been more of a ramp-up into training week.,

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