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CXC Team members recently hosted Clinics in Houghton and Ashland

Mon, Nov  12, 2007 - By CXC Skiing

HAYWARD, WI (November 8, 2007) - Last weekend CXC Team skiers headed north to host several Get Your Nordic On! ski clinics in Ashland, Wisconsin and Houghton, Michigan.

Garrott Kuzzy led the Ashland clinic hosted by the Northland College Nordic Ski Team and the 4H-Chequamegon Area Nordic Ski club (CANSKI). The clinic was held at Northland College on a beautiful, cold November morning. Many of the college Nordic skiers were in great shape, as they are getting ready for the end of their cross country running season, while the high school age skiers just finished their running season. Garrott led skiers through a series of dryland progression drills to warm-up.

Following the warm-up, everyone hit the road on their rollerskis. The skiers made noticable improvement during each of the drills, working on double-pole, no pole, V2, V1, and open field techniques. Everyone particularly enjoyed a game of rollerski tag at the end of the clinic. The clinic ended with a question and answer session where topics ranged from strength training for Nordic skiing to drills for youth skiers (keeping it fun is of utmost importance!). Northland coach Dave Beeksma and CANSKI coach Doug Liphart both commented afterwards how helpful the clinic was and how they’d learned several new drills to work on and new games to play. Of course, there was much discussion about the forecast and the lake-effect snowfall to


A motivated group of Ashland area skiers and CXC Team member Garrott Kuzzy

CXC Team members Brian Gregg and Kristina Owen traveled to Houghton, Michigan this past weekend for a Get Your Nordic On! Clinic with the Copper Country Ski Tigers. The clinic focused on skate technique, and was begun with a series of dry land drills designed to teach and enforce proper body position. The group then put on roller skis and headed to a nearby road, where they warmed up for a while and did more specific drills. The small group size ensured that every athlete received one on one attention and individual technique help.


Kristina Owen dispenses wisdom.


First time on rollerskis for Emily, but already demonstrating a great forward body position and good polling!


Happy after a hard days work!