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Noque Trail Network: Skiing with Fido...

Sat, Dec  15, 2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The NTN will now ask that our members follow the new “dog guidelines & suggestions” when skiing with your dog. These guidelines are for safety, which is our number one priority. We ask that when you ski/snowshoe with your dog you ski on the following trails:

  1. The Dog-bypass trail from the Forestville Trailhead to the powerline (12km mark)
  2. The Noque Trail, from the Forestville Trailhead down to the Superior Dome, & from the 12km mark to CR 510.
  3. All of the Saux Head Trails
  4. All of the Big Bay Pathway

Trails where we ask you do not ski with your dog:

  1. The Advanced Trail
  2. The Beginner Trail
  3. The Sprint/Lighted Loop
  4. The Fit Strip

Also, we ask that people clean up after their dog as doggie bags will soon be available at all of the trailheads along with trash containers.