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Equipment News & Features
Make Your Own Rollerski Fenders
September 29, 2003 - By Randy Kessler
I love everything about my rollerskis except...water from the rear wheel during wet conditions comes onto the back of my leg and fills my boots up very quickly. Here's how I made my own rollerski fenders to keep the water out...

The Ultimate Home Wax Bench
Part 1: The Basic Bench
Part 2: Preventing a Mess 
Part 3: Attaching a Swix Profile 
Part 4: Handling Multiple Pairs of Skis 

Jan 2 - Feb 16, 2002 - By Mike Muha
Occasionally waxing has therapeutic benefits - a nice relaxing exercise, becoming one with your skis - but mostly it's a necessary evil. Having a great home wax bench can make all the difference. Here's a four-part series on building the ultimate home wax bench.

Building and using a roller board
September 28, 2004 - By Mike Muha
Building a roller board is easy. Here's plans to my board and a sample workout.


Making your own ski pulk (offsite link)
September 29, 2004 - By Ed Bouffard
In the 1990s I started working on designing ski pulks with friends to make our outdoor adventures more fun. Over the years I made several extra pulks that we sold to friends and local stores. Eventually I made a nice inexpensive design that allowed me to manufacture about 25 pulks. Take advantage of my experience of designing successively better home-made pulks over the last 10 years.