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The Ultimate Home Wax Bench
Part 2: Preventing a Mess
Jan 11, 2002

In the first part, we built the basic wax bench. Now we need a way to easily cleanup the wax mess so the spouse or significant other doesn't get peeved when wax ends up all over the house.

This idea was stolen from Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado, where a group of us went for nine days several years ago to ski with Jim Young (former US Biathlon coach and then-coach of the Snow Mountain Development Group). Their wax bench had a trough built into the front of it to catch wax shavings. No more wax flying to the floor.

The wax trough is simply a 1x8 screwed lengthwise into the bottom of the wax bench, with a 1x4 screwed into the 1x8's front edge, creating a U-shaped trough (see picture at left).

The trough is just wide enough to run a whiskbroom down it (picture below). Brush shavings from the bench into the trough, then brush trough shavings down to a waiting waste basket at the end.

Next, we attach of Swix Profile to the bench...

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Part 2: Preventing a Mess
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