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Cross Country Ski Gear and Reviews

Quick Waxing Tips

1/29/2008 - By Dan Meyer

Here are a few tips that will make your waxing and skiing better.,

Prepping skis for World Cup Biathletes

1/24/2008 - By US Biathlon Association

US Wax Technician Andreas Emslander discusses preparation of race skis for World Cup biathletes.,

Kowalczyk and Pankratov win Pursuit in Canmore

1/23/2008 - By FIS

The Polish top skier Justyna Kowalczyk gave herself an early birthday present, on the day before her 25th birthday, and won the Pursuit race in Canmore. And 25-year-old Nikolai Pankratov from Russia claimed his first World Cup victory.,

Tips for Applying HS-0 Extreme White for cold conditions

1/22/2008 - By Dan Meyer

Here are a few tips on using HS-0 Extreme White from the experts who have spent years testing it in Minnesota's coldest snow conditions.,

Waxing for Extreme Cold Conditions

1/18/2008 - By Ian Harvey

In extremely cold conditions (snow temperatures below 10F), a great disparity in the gliding performance of skis is often found. gliding performance of skis is often found.,

Waxing at the US National Sprints

1/11/2008 - By Ian Harvey

We had anticipated warmer temperatures and more moisture in the snow. The MTU trails in Houghton glaze up really easy normally, but today seemed out of the ordinary. The snow was colder then I had expected and also did not glaze like I figured it would.,

Stonegrinding Recommendations

1/8/2008 - By Dan Meyer

Most of the top racers today custom grind their skis for peak performance in all conditions. To help you select a pattern, here are some of the popular grinds used by area racers.,

And you thought Sunday's waxing was difficult...

1/7/2008 - By Mike Muha

Here's what ALMOST happened at Sunday's klister-fest at the Boyne Highlands 10km Classic race...

Exel products now distributed by Alpina

1/5/2008 - By Alpina Sports

Effective January 1, 2008, Alpina Sports Corp will take over distribution of all Exel products in North America; Nordic, Alpine poles and racing equipment, Roller and in-line poles, trekking and Nordic Walking.,

Waxing at US Senior Nationals

1/4/2008 - By Ian Harvey

Despite the extreme high humidity and easily glazing snow that this area is known for, the snow was surprisingly dry. You had to be especially careful this morning regarding kick wax drag and how to apply it, especially as kick was easy to get.,

JetStream Moly or JetStream High Speed?

1/3/2008 - By Ian Harvey

When using JetStream Moly and JetStream High Speed, which are successful products from the past years, most important is to determine whether or not the snow is going to glaze.

Finicky waxing and lessons learned

1/2/2008 - By Mike Muha

Lucky I arrived at the Holiday Classic two hours before race time. I knew kick waxing was going to be problematic for this 9km race and the first Michigan Cup race of the season.

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