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Are you a Klister Licker?

Tue, Dec  9, 2008 - By XCOttawa

Do your Christmas Shopping at XC OTTAWA's KLISTER LICKER SHOP! (Order by Dec. 16th to get them in time for Christmas)

klister licker shirts 1

The KLISTER LICKER shop has had a complete overhaul just in time for the holiday shopping season. Everything is created by skiers for skiers (and skiing enthusiasts).

klister licker shirts 2

If you have anyone on your list who likes to ski, or even just likes winter and fun t-shirt designs, the KLISTER LICKER SHOP is for you, with great designs like the "Yeti", the "Ski Devil" and the "Think Snow" snowflake as well as slogans such as "Lick my Klister", "XC", "Wax On Wax Off", "MasterSkater" and "I Heart Misery Sticks". There are a variety of styles including men's and ladies t-shirts, tote bags, baby, tot and kids wear and some warmer hoodies for ladies and kids.

klister licker shirts 3

Every KLISTER LICKER purchase helps the XC OTTAWA racing team achieve their racing goals.

Place your order today! Please note prices are in $US. Have a look at the delivery costs. Make larger orders or order with a friend to keep shipping costs down.

Have a great ski season!

klister licker shirts 1