Michigan: Upper Peninsula


Sun, Apr 22: Valley Spur (Munising)

Fast and furious early this morning, and overall it took longer than yesterday for the snow to warm up and become sluggish. The effect of the snow drying out a lot yesterday, probably. Crust skiing in the openings along W and Y was great also.

- Gui G

Sat, Apr 21: Valley Spur (Munising)

The Sun and I had different opinions about what is early for an early start. 9:30 when i hit the trails was almost getting slow and soft at places, with hardly any glide left for skate skiing by 10. I thought i would be disappointed, but eventually i got on the Skin Tec in the soft classic tracks, and glide was surpringly good and consistent. Ended up skiing until past 12:30, much later than i expected. Conclusion: skate as early as your body can, classic once tracks get soft. It's wonderful overall!

- Gui G