Michigan: Northern Lower Peninsula

North of West Branch; includes Traverse City, Grayling, Gaylord, Tawas

Tue, Dec 18: Boyne Highlands (Harbor Springs)

Sorry folks. Lots of snow cover, but no recent grooming. Unskiable conditions as of Tues. 2:00.
Back to jogging/ski bounding until fresh snow.
Hap Wright

- Hap wright

Tue, Dec 18: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)

The Best Snow in the lower peninsula!!!! But.....NO NEW Grooming. Too bad because just a pass with the snow machine and a drag would have made the trails spectacular. As it went today it was just a step above boiler plate. Tomorrow's predicted warming may soften the snow up a little bit so it could be good until it gets mushy so you will have to time your skiing just right. The classic track is rock hard with a few leaves in spots. There is enough snow that I could have used my good skis today.

- John Gravlin

Tue, Dec 18: Lakes of the North (Mancelona)

Skated on boilerplate, good coverage, choppy. Beggars can't be choosers.

- Keith Radwanski

Mon, Dec 17: Boyne Highlands (Harbor Springs)

Icy classic tracks & skate lane. Nordic area manager indicated they can’t groom until they get additional snowfall.

- Bill Danly

Sun, Dec 16: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Want to thank all the great people at Forbush for putting on such an incredible race on Sunday. One thing Forbush is known for is excellent grooming and what they did for having minimal snow was short of unbelievable. They noted to bring rock skis but many skiers used their good skis. It didn't hurt that the weather was sunny with mountain blue sky's. The drive to the race with the frozen fog on all the trees was like driving through a crystal palace. To cap off a great ski, John Gravlin took me up to the Sturegon River and I caught my first steelhead. Ski race in the morning and steelhead fishing in the afternoon made for a great day.

- Ken Dawson

Sun, Dec 16: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Open tomorrow (Monday) from 10-3. The East trail system is holding!! Discounted trail pass - only $10. Come on out and ski.

- Ginnis

Sat, Dec 15: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Are trail base is thinning, but it has survived the warm temperatures and sun. Todd will be evaluating the trails in the morning to determine the best route for the time trial. Length will be around 6-7 k. Rock skis are recommended. Race starts at 11 am. Racers will go out in intervals of 5 skiers every 30 seconds.

- Ann Wagar

Sat, Dec 15: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

The Forbush Corner Freestyle IS on tomorrow! (In case you were wondering).

- Mike Muha

Sat, Dec 15: Lakes of the North (Mancelona)

I didn't decide WHERE I was going to ski until the last minute, but so glad to join the Vasa Ski Club's Lakes of the North freestyle race since groomed (no classic tracks), plenty of snow for skin skis, and many Michigan Cup & VSC friends participating. I would have skied longer than 7km, but not ready to race farther since too early season & tired from 3.5 hrs of Nordic Rocks PE yesterday. Thanks, VSC volunteers & Lakes of the North! Great fun on the snow & in the warm sunshine!!! Back to hiking tomorrow after this afternoons' mid-40s temps, although 2.5" in my yard still. LET IT SNOW!!! DANCE, DANCE, DANCE the Heikki Lunta!

- Sara Cockrell

Sat, Dec 15: Boyne Mountain (Boyne Falls)

Skiers report that Vistas is pretty good skiing. Lower trails are skiable, but thin.

It's a beautiful day--hope you get out to enjoy it!

- Anne

Sat, Dec 15: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Sorry to say the trails are closed until we get more snow so get out and do the snow dance.

- kathloon

Fri, Dec 14: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)

Fantastic sunset ski conditions today on the upper loops. The crew at Nubs groomed in Wednesday night's new snow and it looked like there had been a lot of traffic since Thursday morning. Used best skis. Full coverage with 99% clean, pure white, snow. Best conditions this weekend will probably be mid-late morning as the snow starts to loosen up. Tracks are still deep, but some leaves have started to accumulate in the track on certain sections.

- ZJ

Fri, Dec 14: Shanty Creek - Schuss Mtn (Bellaire)

It's been a slow start for us in terms of natural snow - we still have only an inch of snow and haven't even been able to roll it out. However, starting tomorrow we will have the slightly modified King of the Hill loop which provides approximately 1.5K of 100% man made snow with a depth of at least two feet. Race skis are fine if you are so inclined.

We are providing this terrain at no cost. Because you will be sharing the hill with downhill skiers, we are asking that you stop by the pro shop at Cedar River and get a XC trail pass.

I skied it last night and really enjoyed it.

- Peter Bigford

Fri, Dec 14: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

We will be closed today to preserve the base for the weekend. The base is holding from last weekend and has some new snow on top of it. The temperatures will be above freezing today and tomorrow along with abundant sunshine. The sun may burn open some spots. We have a time trial on Sunday and we will do what we can to put together a race course. It all depends on the melting on Saturday. Weekend skiing looks good, expect warm early season conditions. no track set.

- Ann Wagar

Thu, Dec 13: Lost Lakes Pathway (Interlochen)

Celebrating Mary Kuhn's birthday with a "rock" ski at Lost Lakes Pathway. 2-3" of snow still though thinning, with barely-covered roots & patches of leaves on a partially sunny morning! Gotta get it while you can, before the upcoming warm-up!

- Sara Cockrell