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Cross Country Ski Gear and Reviews

Rossignol Xium F2 Skate, Boot, & NNN Binding - An Update

5/17/2003 - By Jim Hull

Now that this is the end of a 45+ outing's season with my 2004 Rossi F2's and my Atomic 2002 RS10's, I'm ready to more fully evaluate them in combination with my switch to NNN and Rossi boots.,

Secret Tool: Your Freezer

4/5/2003 - By Mike Muha

This morning is 'Ski Season Spring Cleaning' morning! Time to do those tasks that need to be done to transition from skiing to spring training: equipment prep and wax tips. And just what does a freezer have to do with this?,

Do-It-Yourself Plastic Scraper Sharpeners

2/10/2003 - By Dan Johnson

Here's a couple of low tech solutions which seem to work very well for making a *flat*, *square* edge on a Plexiglas scraper.,

Toko Waxing & Tuning CD

1/3/2003 - By Mike Muha

Toko has a new "Waxing & Tuning" narrated video CD that reviews base repair, cleaning, and waxing of both classic and skating skis, for both racer and novice waxers.,

The Altimeter Function on the Polar S-710 Heart Monitor
The Altimeter Function on the Polar S-710 Heart Monitor

The Altimeter Function on the Polar S-710 Heart Monitor

8/1/2002 - By Greg Worrel

Mont Ventoux rises 5280 feet in 21km at an average grade of 7.6 percent. Lance made the fastest climb to the summit in Tour history. He climbed it in 58 minutes. So how do the local grades around Kensington Metropark compare? I set out to find out.,

Polar S-710 Heart Rate Monitor Graph from the Chestnut Valley GLD Freestyle Race

1/8/2002 - By Greg Worrel

Chestnut Hill was my first race using a new Polar S-710 heart rate monitor which captures heart rate data every 5 seconds. It stores many hours of data which can be uploaded to a computer and saved in a workout and analysis program that Polar provides.,

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TUE, AUG 21, 2018

Team NordicSkiRacer Road Ride: King of the Hills
East Boat Launch Parking, Kensington Metropark, Mildford, MI

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