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Casco Nordic Sports Eyewear to be Distrubuted by Chi-Town Sports

Wed, Oct  25, 2006 - By Chi-Town Sports

CHICAGO, IL --Casco Nordic Sports Eyewear, a new multi-functional Winter sports eyewear system from Germany, will be distributed in the United States by Chi-Town Sports.

"Everyone at Chi-Town Sports is ecstatic to be able to market this unique eyewear concept to both Winter and Summer athletes," said Joseph S. Gollinger, president of Chi-Town Sports. "Working in cooperation with five-time Winter Olympic medalist Ole Einer Bjorndalen, we've developed a multi functional eyewear synchronized to meet the requirements of winter and summer sports athletes."

The Casco "NORDIC EYEWEAR" system features a shield that goes all the way across the face and doesn't sit on the nose, resulting in much-reduced fogging compared to other brands. Because an adjustable headband holds the ''NORDIC EYEWEAR'' in place, the best fit and the highest possible wearing comfort are guaranteed, even with the most extreme types of sports. An external hinge also allows the shield to be flipped up to function as protection against the snow or rain. 

Each "NORDIC EYEWEAR" system comes with three interchangeable lenses, so wearers always will be able to adjust to changing weather conditions.

In addition, each system includes a carry case and white gloves for changing lenses.

"Serious and recreational athletes will find these glasses are just what they've always wanted but have never been able to find," Gollinger said. "When a system is developed by athletes for athletes, everyone wins."

Smart athletes will see the vision of "NORDIC EYEWEAR" because it's clear this system is designed for what they do. German design, American passion for sports. That's a championship combination!      

For product information contact:

Chi-Town Sports 2224 Wild Timothy Rd Naperville, IL 60564 Phone: 630-922-5855

Suggested Retail: $105

Ski and Sports Teams discounts inquire welcome.

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