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These Boots Aren't Made for Walking

Strange but true

Sun, Oct  8, 2006 - By Doug Cornell

Strange but true...

Today I rollerskied with the team at Kensington for the first time ever. I had a lot of fun rolling up and down the Kensington trails with Doug Heady, Bill Kaltz, and Bill Haefner. With about 3 miles left to go in a 2.5 hour training session, I was suddenly unable to keep up with the guys. My first thought was, "I'm cooked!" But a moment later I discovered that I had TWO flats on my new V2 Aero 125 rollerskis. I had no choice but to walk back to the Kent Lake Road boat ramp parking lot.

Not familiar with the area, I headed the wrong way around the lake. I was resigned to turning around when I spotted two men in a beautiful boat who were just beginning to fish near the shore.

"Hello!" I hailed. "I've got a bit of a problem here. Would you consider giving me a ride back to the east boat launch?"

"Sure. Jump in." They pulled over to a nearby dock and I climbed aboard. "I really do appreciate this," I told them. "I've got two flats and my heels are beginning to blister."

I showed them my Solomon ski boots and explained, "These boots aren't made for walking."

I didn't get the men's names, but they told me they were from the local area. It only took them a couple of moments for the boat to cross the lake, and I was back to my van just as Bill Haefner returned from his morning of roller skiing. Bill got a good laugh when I told him how I managed to get a ride back to the parking lot.

Sometimes we get lucky and find someone who is willing to go out of their way to help another in need. I hope I soon get the opportunity to help someone.

One last thing: If you use V2 125's, be sure to inflate the tires to 100 PSI every time you use them! Flats are caused by under-inflated tires. I guess I had to learn the lesson the hard way...