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UPDATE: North American Vasa Freestyle

9:00 AM
Timber Ridge Resort, 4050 Hammond Rd East, Traverse City, MI 49696

UPDATE Feb 6, 2023: All Saturday February 11th races will run on a revised course.

  • 6k (1 loop)
  • 15k moving to a 12k (6k loop x2)
  • 27k moving to a 18k (6k loop x3)
  • Junior Vasa
  • Fat Tire 35k
  • Fat Tire 17k
  • All Sunday, February 12th races are canceled for 2023.

    See for details.

    27K -George Kuhn Half Marathon Freestyle - Join hundreds of skiers in the marquee race of the day in a hot lap of the world-famous Vasa Pathway. Combining elevation and long stretches of winding, flat and fast trails, it’s one you’ll enjoy even as you suffer! You’ll do one lap clockwise on the standard Vasa course, with trail segments including The Nipple, The (dreaded) Wall, and Jack Pine - all your favorites! The course is approximately 27 kilometers and is a full Michigan Cup points race. Looking for more? Add the 15K classic on Sunday and enter the Michigan Cup Challenge.

    15K -Okerstrom Kortelopet Freestyle- Hop into the action for a fun freestyle event! The 15 kilometer is a great race for first timers , skier enthusiast and focused competitors. This clockwise race will run clockwise. Looking or more? Add the 15K classic on Sunday and enter the Collegiate Challenge.

    Junior Michigan Cup race: 6km junior freestyle race.

    Junior Vasa - 1k, 2k and 3k for kids up to 12 years old. Watch our future Olympians duke it out on skis!

    Adaptive Skiers Race - These skiers are an inspiration to watch. Come on out and cheer them on!

    Michigan Cup Points

    The 27k gets Full points. The 15K gets partial points starting at 175 for first place). Full points for the 6km Junior race.

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