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Cross Country Ski Waxing and Base Prep

Toko reintroduces Wax Coach
Toko reintroduces Wax Coach

Toko reintroduces Wax Coach

2/2/2010 - By Mike Muha

After long neglect, Toko has finally updated its Toko Wax Coach, catching back up to Fast Wax, Solda, and Swix. The Wax Coach lets you input conditions and it makes a wax recommendation.

Skiing in the rain

2/2/2010 - By Josh Korn

What you need to know about having the right skis when it's warm!

The Swix Brush line

2/1/2010 - By Andrew Gerlach

What brushes do you need? An article adpated from Ski Post and the Swix Waxing Manual.

CXC 2010 Nationals waxing report

1/23/2010 - By Bryan Fish

CXC had a successful national championships.  Out of the 4 races, CXC skiers (including Caitlin Compton who CXC was waxing for) had a total of 9 top 5 finishes. Here are CXC coach Bryan Fish's comments on waxing for the week.

Using Fast Wax Ski Wax Base Prep
Using Fast Wax Ski Wax Base Prep

Using Fast Wax Ski Wax Base Prep

1/14/2010 - By Dan Meyer

Properly prepared ski bases accept and retain wax more effectively. Fast Wax Base Prep contains a microwax formula which penetrates the ski base more deeply than standard hydrocarbon wax.

Weekend race wax recommentations

1/8/2010 - By Mike Muha

UPDATED 3. Wax recommendations from Fast Wax, Solda, Swix, and Toko for this weekend's Michigan Cup races. Check back for updates.

Waxing cold for the sprints at US Nationals

1/6/2010 - By Ian Harvey, Toko

Waxing today was pretty simple especially as we have some superb glide waxes for the cold. If it is cold, the starting point is LF Moly/Blue mix as a base followed by HF Blue followed by JetStream Blue. This is what we at Toko call "Old Faithful" as it

Weekend race wax recommendations

12/31/2009 - By Mike Muha

Race wax recommendations for the Nubs Nob Freestyle, Boyne Highlands Classic, and Boyne Highlands JOQ Sprints. Check back for updates!

The Fast Wax ski wax story
The Fast Wax ski wax story

The Fast Wax ski wax story

12/23/2009 - By Dan Meyers

The Fast Wax development really began when I first started skiing. I soon learned that if my skis were waxed really well there was distinct advantage over other skiers.

XCold Application

12/22/2009 - By Ian Harvey

XCold powder is one of Toko's standout products. It really is an essential part of any competitive skier's wax box. Here is information on when and how to use it.

Guidelines for prepping hairies skis

12/16/2009 - By Peter Hale

Rubbing the base of the ski makes the hairs, which stand up on the base material. These standing haris provide the grip needed for wet snow conditions.

How to Rotocork

12/15/2009 - By Ian Harvey

Technique is critical in rotocorking cross country skis. There are two general methods: high rpms with light pressure, and low rpms with high pressure.

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Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

Fast Wax Nordic Wax Wizard

SOLDA Ski Wax Maestro

Toko Wax Coach

Toko Wax Coach