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Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley, MI  49449

Trail Length: 9.6 miles
Groomed Classic? Yes
Groomed Skating? No
Lighted? No
Snowmaking? No
Trail fee? No
Ski rentals? No
Trail Map: Yes
Trail Conditions: Yes

Getting there: See below...

Directions to get there: Yes

What's there: The Oceana Cross Country Ski Association and the Manistee National Forest are working together to create this trail system. The club grooms the trail whenever there is more than four inches of fresh snow. The web site is a little out of date: It appears that all the trails are built now.

To reach these trails you need to get to Crystal Valley.

To reach Crystal Valley from US 10, take Scottville Road south for 9.5 miles. The road jogs east on Washington then south on Darr and east again on Jefferson (just stay on the pavement). Just before the pavement turns south again and enters the village of Crystal Valley you should turn north on 126th Avenue.

To reach Crystal Valley from US 31, take Monroe Road east from Pentwater (the south exit on the freeway). 7 miles east of the freeway, turn north on 126th Avenue and enter Crystal Valley. Continue straight for 2 miles till the road make a turn west and becomes Jefferson. Immediately turn north again on 126th Avenue.

You are now at the corner of Jefferson and 126th Avenue. There is a sign warning of a bridge out ahead, but ignore this. You will turn again before reaching the end of the road. Drive 1.3 miles north on 126th Ave. continuing around a few gentle curves. You will see another sign about the missing bridge, but never fear, before you are in range of plunging into the Pentwater River, you will turn right on River Road. In 0.5 miles River Road makes a ninety-degree turn to the north and you will immediately see the sign for the ski area on the right.

Crystal Valley

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