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XC Ski HQ Ski Team Kick-Off Dinner!

6:00 PM
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, 9435 N Cut Rd, Roscommon, MI 48653, 800-832-2663
The XC Ski HQ Ski Team will kick off the race season this weekend with a team dinner party! This party is on the same weekend as the first two Michigan Cup races of the season, Lakes of the North and Forbush Freestyle, making it a perfect weekend to kick off the ski season. We will feast, introduce new and existing team members, discuss the race schedule, and talk strategy for holding onto the Michigan Cup after last season’s nail-biting victory. An entree will be provided.

Please bring a dish to pass or a beverage to share. The HQ team is known for its great camaraderie amongst members, and is very welcoming to new members, so if you’re considering racing this season and joining our team, please join us for the team dinner!

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