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Team NordicSkiRacer rollerski or foot workout

7:30 AM
Kensington Metropark or Maybury State Park

Team NordiSkiRacers Tony Percha, Zbigy Zlobicki, and Mike Muha invite you to rollerski or ski walk/bound with us! This is generally the schedule:

Tuesdays: Rollerski intervals of different intensities and distances. Example workouts:

  • 4 x 4:00 uphill intervals at 85 to 95% of max heart rate.
  • 3 x 9:00 long interval at 85-88% of max heart rate.
  • Speed session: all-out intervals, 12 x 15 seconds with a two-minute rest between intervals.
  • Ladders, such as 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 minute intervals with rest half the length of the prior interval. Short legs are at a high heart rate, long legs at a more moderate heart rate.

Thursdays: Ski walking / bounding / specific foot. This is a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise.

Saturdays: Long slow distance rollerski session. Heart rate between 60-70% of max (i.e., an easy talking pace). 90 minutes minimum for us, but you can go shorter.

Sundays: Usually some sort of rollerski intervals.

Most session start in Kensington Metropark (links are to Google Maps):

IMPORTANT! We sometimes rollerski at Maybury State Park or even Indian Springs Metropark, we sometimes change the workout, and we may change the day or time for a specific workout because of weather, travel, or work schedules! Send me (Mike Muha) a text message - 248 535 9351 - the day before so you can be sure you have the current plan!

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