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Groomer Appreciation Party

5:30 PM
Timber Ridge, 4050 East Hammond Road, Traverse City, MI

Celebrate the end of another winter season at the Groomer Appreciation Party on March 21 at Timber Ridge.

Together with TART, Short's Brewing and our hosts, Timber Ridge, we hope you’ll come together to show our groomers some love. All season long, they wake at all hours and brave frigid conditions to provide us with the best winter trail experience possible. It’s a complex effort that requires constant communication (and refreshing of weather apps) and incredible time investment.

We’ll Bring the Beer

Short’s Brewing Company is bringing the refreshments and we’ll take care of the food! All badge holders are invited – and if you’re not a badge holder yet, it's not too late!

The Details

Groomer’s Appreciation Party
Tuesday, March 21
Timber Ridge – 4050 East Hammond Road, Traverse City, MI
5:30-7:30 pm
Hosts: NMMBA, TART, Short’s Brewing Co., Timber Ridge

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