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Groomer Appreciation Party

11:45 AM
Huron Meadows Metropark, 8765 Hammel Rd, Brighton, MI 48116

SAVE THE DATE! End of season/groomer appreciation party at Huron Meadows. March 25th at 11:45. Location: Huron Meadows Clubhouse.

The end of season/groomer appreciation party will be held at the Huron Meadows Clubhouse March 25th, at 11:45. This is our chance to show our support for the program.

It's been a rough season with a late start and lots of warm weather. Unfortunately, that kind of situation means we need to show our support even more as some may begin to question the worth of the program. A strong turnout also helps in discussions with the park about policies affecting trail use.

So, support the cause, have fun and join your friends and teammates at HMMP. I will provide some pizzas and beverages, but probably not enough for everyone. Please bring some food for yourself and hopefully some to share with others, or bring beverages. But please; no alcohol may be brought into the building.

There will be awards given out, for team NSR and other achievements, including the coveted Golden Hamster Wheel Award.

Please let me know if you plan on attending. Send an email to

Thanks for your support. Ken Roth

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