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Michigan Cup Relays at XC Ski HQ

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023
11:00 AM
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, 9435 N Cut Rd., Roscommon, MI 48653

Join us for one of the most exciting ski races in Michigan! This grand finale race for the Michigan Cup Race Series features a relay race with 3 skiers per team: 2 legs freestyle, and 1 classic leg. Each skier skis approximately 4-6km per leg. (*Skiers are not permitted to do more than one leg.*) You do not have to be a Michigan Cup racer to participate! IF you do not have a team but would still like to ski, we will try to find a team for you.

Teams are made up of three skiers. The skier's ages are added. Teams can be all male, all female, or coed. This results is six possible teams:

Combined age 149 and under, Co-ed
Combined age 149 and under, Female
Combined age 149 and under, Male
Combined age 150 and older, Co-ed
Combined age 150 and older, Female
Combined age 150 and older, Male

IMPORTANT: THESE ARE DIFFERENT AGE CATEGORIES THAN USED IN PRIOR YEARS! The change was made to even-out the number of skiers in each category.

This race will have a mass start – remember that only Leg 1 (classic leg) skiers will line up at the starting line. Faster skiers should self-seed in the front, slower skiers in the back.

Registration starts at 9:30am, and the race starts at 11:00am. The entry Fee is $20 per racer. All race entrees score Team Points. After the Relays, stick around for the Michigan Cup awards ceremony, and enjoy a hearty post-race meal, and live music included with your registration fee. Each racer receives a commemorative pint glass!

Online registration: Day of race registration is also available.

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