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CANCELLED! Forbush Time Trial

10:00 AM
Forbush Corner, 4971 W Co Rd 612, Frederic, MI 49733

Hi everyone,

We are going to cancel our race. I don’t feel I can safely run a race. There will be limited ability for passing and the narrowness of the trail does not allow for safe descents and cornering while racing laps with skiers of varying abilities. I also have to consider the non-skiers that will be looking for a place to ski. We would consider postponing until Jan 8th and combining with the winter wolf weekend if that is something the committee would like to consider. Vasa may want to take that date for their LON race as well. It doesn’t matter to me who runs the race on January 8th, Vasa or Forbush, if the committee wants to add a race that day.

Ann Wagar

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