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VIRTUAL White Pine Stampede 10/20km FEB 1-11

Mancelona High School, Mancelona, MI

Update Dec 16, 2020: The White Pine Stampede has gone virtual. You may ski the distance on any trail between Feb 1 and Feb 11, 2020. Full Details. As the 2021 race is now virtual and will cross multiple days and trails, it is no longer eligible for Michigan Cup points.

50 Kilometer Freestyle and Classic. Join the thousands who have skied this event on professionally groomed trails which wind through the most picturesque landscape of northwestern Lower Michigan. The race ends at Summit Village at Shanty Creek.

20 Kilometer Event Freestyle and Classic. The 20 kilometer event (12 miles) takes skiers over rolling hills and across fields, concluding at Summit Village at Shanty Creek.

10 Kilometer Timed Tour. Enjoy skiing the Roger Eschedor 10 kilometer timed tour (6 miles), finishing at Schuss Village at Shanty Creek.

Michigan Cup: The 50K race is scored as a Freestyle race: Skate and classic times are combined into one list. The 20K race is scored with fewer points. The 10K race is part of the Michigan Cup Fun Race Series - skies get 1 Michigan Cup point.

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