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Juniors and GLD

Traverse City Sprint Race schedule

12/30/2008 - By Mark Esper

Here is the schedule for the mid-week sprint races in Traverse City, sponsored by the Traverse City and St. Francis High School Ski Teams.

Jessie Smith and Ivanka Bershire win Holiday Classic
Jessie Smith and Ivanka Bershire win Holiday Classic

Jessie Smith and Ivanka Bershire win Holiday Classic

12/29/2008 - By Mike Muha

It was warm and occasionally foogy, but the rain stayed away making for fine racing at this year's Holiday Classic at the Boyne Valley Lodge in Walloon Lake.

GLD Junior Olympic Qualifier Points

12/16/2008 - By Nick Baic

These are the GLD JOQ points after the Ironwood Junior Olympic Qualifiers this past weekend.

Great Lakes JO Team Selection Criteria

12/16/2008 - By Nick Baic

Here arer the qualifying criteria for Junior Olympics in the Great Lakes District of CXC Skiing

Michigan Cup cures SAD
Michigan Cup cures SAD

Michigan Cup cures SAD

12/11/2008 - By Fran Upton

At the end of fall when the days are getting shorter, and the air is getting chilly, you read a lot of articles about SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder. I’m more affected by a different kind of SAD…Social Affected Disorder.

Michigan Cup rules change for 2009

10/30/2008 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

A new race at Champion Hill has been added to the calendar, junior scoring has changed, and the Michigan Cup makes some recommendations to race organizers.

GLD 2009 Junior Olympic qualifying schedule

9/22/2008 - By Nick Baic

Following is the 2008/9 GLD JO Qualifying Schedule. I will follow up with the slight rules tweak we have for the qualifying procedure (essentially a hange in points level for OJ class).

CXC Skiing announces a membership rush

9/11/2008 - By CXC Skiing

Central Cross Country Ski Association encourages members to sign up within the next week to receive valuable benefits.

2009 Michigan Cup Race Calendar

8/14/2008 - By Michigan Cup Committee

The Michigan Cup Committee has approved the race calendar for the 2008-2009 Michigan Cup cross country ski racing series.

USSA membership registration goes online

7/23/2008 - By US Ski Team

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association just made registering for and managing USSA membership one click away with its new online system.,

First tracks at Kincaid Park last season

7/8/2008 - By Brent Veltkamp

First tracks at Kincaid Park last season - with maybe not enough snow to hold Nationals...,

Kincaid Park lands US Championships

7/8/2008 - By Beth Bragg

The championships will bring about 300 out-of-state skiers to town and could pump close to $1 million into the Anchorage economy each of the two years.,

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