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CXC Sker Returns to Washington State to Share Experiences

Mon, Oct  2, 2006 - By CXC Skiing

CXC Team Member Brian Gregg returned to his hometown in Washington State's Methow Valley to share his experiences on the latest in skiing technique from the USST Lake Placid, NY Camp, and demonstrate the CXC community support model to ski clubs in other regions by holding a "Get Your Nordic On Clinic” with the Methow Valley Nordic Ski Team.  The clinic focused on using proper skate technique and applying power.

Brian demonstrates no pole skate power and body position during drills

"It was a beautiful Methow fall day and the clinic went well.  It was great to see the development of these young skiers over the years.  It wasn't too long ago that I saw many of these kids getting on the school bus for the first time.  It is exciting to see that for many of the skiers their technique has progressed to the point that they can really start to become powerful." said Brian Gregg.

"It is really great to have members of the program return to the community to share their experiences and knowledge.  I think it is really good for the kids to hear about technique from someone who is closer to their generation and currently on the national race circuit."  -Scott Johnston (MVNT Asst. Coach)

Brian demonstrates leg power and weight transfer