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Only 4 Places Left for Oct 7 Skate Clinic

Mon, Sep  25, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Clinic Sponsors:The Best!

Sept 25 UPDATE:

  1. Sixteen of the 20 places in the clinic have been filled. Only 4 places left!
  2. Did you know that several people who attended June's 2-day clinic with Sten and Jen have signed up for this clinic? What do they know that you don't?
  3. Do you know that a recent winner of the Michigan Cup has signed up? Everyone can use technique work!
  4. The city of Gaylord will be clearing our rollerski trail of leaves the night before the clinic. Thanks Gaylord - and Jeff Hervela for asking them!
  5. Looking for something to do on Sunday Oct. 8th? There are some great options in the surrounding area. For example, trail run at the Jordan River Valley, mountain bike at the Pigeon River Forest (Shingle Mill Trail, Fire Tower, Camp 30 Road, etc.), trail run and mountain bike at Aspen Park (10 k. of single track). Some of us may even go out for a rollerski somewhere!

Sept 18 UPDATE:

  1. As of Sunday, September 17, 10 of the 20 places in the clinic have been filled. Only 10 more skiers are allowed to sign up. (We want to keep the coach-to-athlete ratio at no more than 10:1).
  2. The cost of the clinic will increase from $89 to $94 at noon on Tuesday Oct 7 because the Otsego Club will charge 50% more for the lunch for anyone who registers after that date.
  3. Hammer Nutrition / E-Caps will once again sponsor the clinic with HEED sports drink during the clinic and giveaways for every participant. Thanks Hammer!

Sten Fjeldheim and Jenny Ryan return to the lower peninsula for a one day skating technique and training clinic at the Otsego Ski Club in Gaylord, Michigan on Saturday, October 7. It'll be a full day of classroom discussion, dryland drills, rollerskiing, video taping, and in-depth video analysis of your technique.

The well-equipped skier will have a pair of skate rollerskis, skate poles, running shoes, and clothes for whatever the weather brings. Helmets are not required where we're skiing, but highly recommended! Make sure to bring paper and pen to take notes.

The cost for the clinic is $89, lunch is included, UNTIL NOON ON TUESDAY, OCT 3. On Tuesday, Oct 3 at noon, the price increases to $94. (This increase is because the Otsego Club will charge 50% more for the lunch for anyone who registers after that date.)

The Otsego Club is offering lodging for any participants at the rate of $59.00 plus all applicable taxes for their standard rooms and $89.00 plus all applicable taxes for their White Birch rooms. Call toll free: 1-800-752-5510 or visit their web site at

Joe Gollinger, distributor for CASCO Nordic Eyewear, if donating a pair of CASCO Nordic Eyewear to be raffled off at the clinic! (Thanks Joe!)

When:   Saturday, October 7, 2006, 8:30am - 5:30pm
Where:   The Otsego Club, 696 M-32 East, Gaylord, MI(Use Gaylord Exit 282 off I-75. Head east through downtown Gaylord. The Otsego Club is just east of downtown, on the north side of the road.)
How Much:   $89 until noon on Tuesday, October 3, when the cost will increase to $94.Cost includes lunch. Pay by credit card using PayPal:  

Or send a check for $89.00 to

Mike Muha 1060 Yorick Path Wixom, MI 49393

More Info?   Contact Mike Muha at


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