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Enduro Women ’s Ski Fitness Program in Marquette

Tue, Sep  12, 2006 - By Noquemanon Newsletter

A great program offered for local women!

Enduro Women
An Adult Women’s Fall Fitness Program

Enduro will enhance your current fitness level by developing your endurance as well as your strength, balance, and agility, specific for cross country skiing. Workouts include: easy distance running, hill running, ski bounding, speed, intervals, plyometrics, and strength specific to skiing technique. You will be taught proper dry-land ski specific drills that will greatly enhance your on snow performance and enjoyment of the sport, along with improving your fitness level. If there is interest, we will also work on rollerskis to evaluate and improve your current technique. “Be prepared to train for the sport you love!”

Dates: Sep. 19th- Nov. 7th

Times and Place:Tuesdays 9:00 a.m.-10:30; The first meeting will be in the NMU ski room on the east side of the PEIF at NMU.

Age:Women 18 and up

Cost:$150 or $20 per session

Tami Kochen has just finished four years of cross country running and skiing for NMU and was an All-American in 2006. Currently, she is ranked 4th in the nation in women’s cross country skiing and is continuing to pursue her dreams of the Olympics. Jenny Ryan has worked with athletes of all ages and is currently the Head Coach of NMU’s Women’s Track Team, and Assistant Coach at NMU for the Cross-Country Run and Ski Teams. She coached this past season at the U23/World Junior Championships in Slovenia. Jenny has her Masters Degree in Exercise Science.

How to Register for Enduro & Questions:
Call (906) 227-2519
Coach Ryan: (906) 227-2066 or (906)458-0639
Coach Kochen: (906) 362-5158