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Michigan Cup Committee Modifies Relay Scoring for 2007

Sun, Aug  20, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Two changes have been made in the scoring of the relay race for the 2007 Michigan Cup Series.

First, the age groups for Relay Categories has been expanded from three to four to reflect the growing number of older skiers in the Michigan Cup. The new age groups are 0-59, 60-119, 120-164, and 165 and over. Until this year, age groups were 59 and Under, 60-149, and 150 and Over.

The age groups of a relay team is determined by the totaling the ages of all three participants on the relay team. Relay teams consist of three skiers skiing one classical leg (1st) and two freestyle legs (2nd and 3rd). There are three categories for relay teams - Men, Women and Coed. Coed teams must include at least one women and one man.

With the new age groups, there are now twelve different race divisions:

Twelve Relay Divisions: Add the ages of the team members to determine division
Men Women Coed

59 and Under 59 and Under 59 and Under

60-119 60-119 60-119

120-164 120-164 120-164

165 and Over 165 and Over 165 and Over

Relays count for team points only. No individual points awarded for skiers participating on relay teams.

The second change was made to reflect the increase in points that would be awarded during the relays (e.g., the number of first place finishes has increased from nine to twelve). Relay divisions will score starting at 400 points for 1st and go down by the number of points obtained by dividing 400 by the number of teams in each category.

In 2006 the first place finishers received 500 points.