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Rollerski, Skate, or Bike in Milford to Kensington Trail Fund Raiser

Thu, Aug  17, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Calling all rollerskiers, skaters, bikers, runners, and walkers! The Milford Trail Committee is holding a "Wheel and Sole" fund raiser for part of the Milford Trail linking the Kensington Hike/Bike Trail to downtown Milford on Saturday, September 2.

Participants can choose from 5, 10, 20, 35 mile bike, skate, and rollerski  routes, and 50 mile bike loop:

5 & 10 Mile Loop.

The 5 and 10 mile bike/skate courses are in beautiful Kensington Metro Park. Visitors to know that Kensington is a rollerski hotspot. The trail has numerous hills.

20 & 35 Mile Loop.

20 & 35 mile skate and bike trail will start in Kensington Metropark, head into the Island Lake Recreation Area, then connect to the Huron Valley Trail through Lyon Township Park and onward to Wixom (35 mile loop) and South Lyon. The route includes a stop at the South Lyon Hotel for free food.

The section through Lyons Oaks County Park has historical been a bit bumpy. There are also a couple steep hills. The main rail trail running between South Lyon and Wixom is mostly flat, with some dirt road crossings.

50 Mile Loop.

The 50 mile bike loop covers the same path as the 20 and 30 mile loop, but adds on... 50 milers will also have a rest stop at the South Lyon Hotel.

The mass start of runners/walkers/bikers/skaters begins at 8:00, but 50 mile bikers can start their tour anytime from 7:30 to 9:30.


All routes begin at Baker's of Milford on next to the Milford Road entrance into Kensington Metropark. (Map). Enjoy and massage and a great party afterwards.

The event costs $20 per person. Online Event Registration is here: 

The Milford Trail

The Village of Milford has applied for a $405,000 grant that must be matched by private donations in the amount of $105,000. The grant and donations - including money from the Wheel and Sole event - will be used to construct the section of trail within Milford city limits. Milford Township will build the remaining trail between the Milford and Kensington.

Come support the effort to provide us with more rollerski trail! Oh, and help out the skaters, bikers, runners, and walkers who could use more trail as well!

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