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Ski Club to Manage Skiing at Hiawatha/Kinsmen

Thu, Aug  17, 2006 - By Kevin Hogan

Dear Cross Country Ski Supporters:

Let me first say that I was overwhelmed to see so much support for our ski club at the meeting held this past Friday at City Hall.  The strength, not only in numbers, but also your letters and emails to council and media, and your emotional outpouring to the community astounded me. 

The passion that each and every one of you has brought to this issue showed the community and its elected officials that this was something that needed to be brought to the forefront.  Some people may mistake your passion for that of zealousness. To the contrary. When you believe and know that something is so right for your
community then you have a duty to speak out.  

This issue of the ski trails has brought forth great ideas and a renewed vigor for our club and the skiers of Sault Ste. Marie. You (collectively) have made everyone take notice of what is so important to the well-being of our community; something we can never let happen again.

The Conservation Authority Board, on Tuesday, awarded the Conservation trails to the Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club.  The ski club now needs to finalize an agreement between all the parties.  Sitting for the CA will be John Roswell, Neil DelBianco, Linda Whalen, and Lorie Bottos.  Essentially the cost to the club is $7,500 but a motion is being brought forward at the next council meeting that will see City Council approve monies to the club which will then be forwarded to the CA.

Our club will not be resting as there is much work to complete in the short time before the snow flies.  We are asking people to help with such tasks as marketing, trail clearing, trail maintenance, bookkeeping, trail planning and other support - maybe even monetary. We would love to see people from the community supporting something we have a passion for.
Again, I can only say that I am astounded by your unwavering passion. Our club will always be the better because of it.

Kevin Hogan
Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club