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Forbush Corner Modifies Trails for 2007 Season

Sun, Aug  13, 2006 - By Dave Forbush

We're in the process of making a few changes at Forbush Corner for next season.

First will be a slight addition to the Rollercoaster trail. An extra small loop will be added to the front of the trail. I think you will really like it as it has a very nice flow. Another point of interest about a bit of this trail is that it dates back to the days when it was my Great Grandfather's farm. The front 40 acres was farmed but the back 40 remained wooded and was used as a cow pasture. A small portion of this trail is along the old lane that the cows used to get to their pasture 75 years ago. We are still debating whether to call it the "Cow Path" loop. Considering the advancing age of some of "you", I didn't want you to take it personal. :)

Also, we hope to have a bit more of the Pancake trail moved into the trees on the east side of the trail. It will be tree lined on both sides of the east leg when it is completed. The west leg is treed on the west side and so that is sufficient to cut the wind on that side as well.

The final "hope to" is to change the hairpin turn at the far corner of Rollercoaster. This one is more difficult as it will require extensive bulldozing. We have been considering having an informal sprint race, every friday evening(or some friday evenings)on the Pancake Loop. It would be informally timed, no bibs, no trophies, etc. Might have a fastest time at the end of the season (dog and non-dog?). Could post the current leader on the Forbush Corner web site. What are your thoughts?

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Forbush Corner is located out side of Fredrick, just north of Grayling, MI.