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Days 2-6 from the Central Cross Country Skiing Regional Elite Camp!

Training Camp

Wed, Jul  9, 2003 - By Scott Wilson

The Central Cross Country Skiing Regional Elite Camp took 
place at Cresthill Resort in Hayward Wisconsin,
July 3-10, 2004
Days 3-6

Some vacationers have considered the unseasonably cool weather here in the Northwoods to be less than optimal, but the weather has been excellent for training. Our focus on Monday was strength. The morning session included an easy run on the Birkie trail with explosive ski-specific lower body strength on one of the infamous hills near OO. The afternoon session included a core strength regimen that was compiled from the input of all athletes and coaches.

The athletes did a 5-kilometer classic time trial at OO on Tuesday morning, while the afternoon session was less rigorous. A sizable portion of the participants departed after the time trial. Those that remained took a scenic hour and a half paddle on four of the seven lakes on the Tiger Cat Chain of Lakes in the afternoon and then immediately departed from our kayak and finished with an easy one-hour trail run on logging roads, mountain bike trails and the Birkie trail.

On Wednesday morning, Yuriy set up his speed trap on a gradual uphill measuring approximately 40 meters. The athletes did V2 pick-ups through the speed trap after a 17 km endurance ski. Yuriy recorded their results and I video taped as the skiers varied their V2 technique. The first injury of the week resulted when Bob Baldwin tried a pole between the legs V2 variation. Bob didn’t sustain any serious injury, but found this variation to be very slow and costly to the skin on his elbow, hip and knee. Wednesday concluded with a short upper body and core strength session and dinner including grilled chicken and burgers on the resort’s shoreline.

The temperatures warmed on Thursday for our over distance classic roller ski on the rolling terrain around Lake Owen. We took the afternoon off and enjoyed a water-ski compliments of CXC President Dennis Kruse.

I depart tomorrow after a flexibility and stretching program with Dr. Jim Mullen subsequent to our threshold (zone 3) ski walking workout at Telemark Resort on the alpine hills.

I had reservations about taking the week off of work to participate in this event. All in all, I have found the week extremely productive. The concept of funding the top athletes in the Midwest and their coaches so they have an opportunity to train hard together and enjoy each others camaraderie for a whole week is very worthwhile.
-Bryan Fish

After arriving a few days late, due to a family 4th of July event, I quickly got into the training rhythm. Tuesday started with a 5k time trial up the difficult OO road. We finished the day with a smooth flat water kayak and a nice run through the forest trails that are abundant in the Hayward area. Wednesday had a much smaller group. But that didn’t keep us from getting in a lot of quality training. On Wednesday we did a speed workout on rollerskis, in which I crashed and received some good road rash. Today was a fun day on the lake. We started with an OD classic rollerski, followed by waterskiing and boating on lake Owen. Congratulations to Yuriy on getting up on the first try!-Bob

The past three days of training up here at the REG camp have been both productive and enjoyable. On Tuesday, we did a hilly classic time trial at OO. This was an excellent opportunity for us athletes to test our mid-summer form and compare ourselves to local elite skiers and past year's performances. The time trial was followed up by some good running and strength sessions, along with an OD rollerski. On the side, we have done some fun alternative training sessions, including a kayak race and an afternoon of waterskiing. The food and lodging has been super. Thanks to Yuriy’s goalkeeping prowess, it has been very difficult to defeat his team in any of our soccer games! All in all, I have had a blast this week and would highly recommend this camp to qualifying athletes.-Bill

Great Photos attached.

Thanks for all your support!

Scott Wilson
CREG Camp Director
715 462 9911