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Not What it Seems!

Training Stories

Sat, Jul  24, 2004 - By Dan Motowski

Dan's a member of Team NordicSkiRacer and race director of our Fall Duathlon Series. - Mike Muha<

I had a nice road bike workout the other night at Kensington Metropark, except mentally: I got pretty bummed during the workout. I usually ride the first lap of the hill loop (counterclockwise) at a warm-up/tempo pace. When I'm in decent shape I turn around a 11 minute lap.

Last night, with a healthy wind blowing, I did a 11:06 first lap. I was pretty excited to start so well and with such a strong headwind in places! The second lap was 11:18?... OK, it did feel like the wind was getting stronger. The 3rd lap was 11:30? Hmmm...this was starting to work on my head a little. I guess the wind must be really picking up!? The 4th lap 11:40? Whoa! Panic time - was I sick, I don't feel that bad? I was really pushing that last lap, too??

I did a 10 minute cool down and felt like I was really dragging. "It must be my allergies or something? I usually do all the laps with in 10-15 seconds? Last week I was 11:06, 11:03, 10:59 and my legs felt fresher yesterday."

Well, as I climbed the last hill I really felt sloooow, so I looked down and saw my back tire was pretty much flat! That was a bit encouraging as I floated back to my car on about 20 PSI of air! I'm guessing, based on my times, that the leak started on that 3rd lap, maybe the 2nd.

Anyway...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! We'll see next week....5 laps!